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Sharpen the senses, carefully and finely.
The work of the decoration requires a very fine feeling.
It is enough to care about how to breathe.
Pull out the goodness of the material such as paper, glue, cracks and tailor it.
The work of the mounter is diverse.
Not only hanging scrolls, sliding doors, folding screen, screen, shoji, etc are various.
In the TOUINRYOU from the replacement of the sliding door of ordinary households
We are accepting a wide range of jobs until the restoration of the hanging scroll.
A skill of revitalizing skill of a facade.
Kimono sleeping in the chest is reborn as a screen or a screen.
I think that there are many people who have made long-sleeved kimono fertilizer for the chest of drawers.
In a modern age when opportunities to wear kimonos are reduced, things that can not be helped.
However, it is hard to keep the kimono full of memories as it is.
Please talk to us.
Tailoring the sleeping kimono as folding screen or screen with the skill of the decoration,
Memories of old times will be revived beautifully together with the gorgeous rooms. 

Introduction a fusuma mounter

Fusuma mounter
TOUINRYOU’S directer
Konomi  Wada
Fusuma mounter
Keisuke  Wada​
Born in kunimi-town,kunisaki city
After marriage, I learn the installation technique from hasbands grandfather
Studied with the fusuma mounter of Usa City and Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Created original creative folding screens using kimonos and bands.
Exhibition held in various places around Kyushu district.

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Born in kunisaki-town,kunisaki city

After graduating from university, joined Kumamoto Cable Network Co., Ltd. 
Returning to Kunisaki, he joined the TOUINRYOU, and he taught the skill of his mother from the mother.
Studying under the clothes teacher of Okayama Prefecture · SANNOUDOU’S

fusuma mounter.
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